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Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

1,000+ Fashion Poses for Models

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Evolución del precio : 1,000+ Fashion Poses for Models

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1000+ Fashion Poses for Models is the definitive guide to posing.

The guide covers clothes from suits to swimwear and styles from casual to elegant.

Each type of clothing and style is illustrated with full colour photographs.

Altogether there are over 1, 000 different poses suitable for any type of clothing or context.

You will be a more professional and more succesful well paid model by learning and reproducing these poses.

Revised: new text and larger images optimised for i Pad.

This is a full colour work and can be viewed on Kindle, i Pad, i Phone, PC etc using the free Kindle reader..

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e Book Kindle

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Simon Walden

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Fecha de lanzamiento :

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