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Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

Descuentos, rebajas, chollos, ofertas y promociones.

IMC Toys 662203 - Princesas Disney. Micro Grabador

Fabricante : IMC Toys
P/N : 8421134210493
Código : B004Q4YFW0
Anterior : EUR 24,74
Precio : EUR 24,74
Ahorro : EUR 0,00 (0%)
Última actualización 4 Días
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Evolución del precio :

Información Precio Fecha
Precio Mínimo EUR 11,30 10/07/2013
Precio Anterior EUR 24,74 03/08/2018
Precio Actual EUR 24,74 21/09/2018
Precio Máximo EUR 32,01 18/05/2017

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Evolución del precio : IMC Toys 662203 - Princesas Disney. Micro Grabador

Descripción de :

Do you want to be a superstar pop star, well now you can with this Disney Princess inspired recording microphone you can be! So grab your friends and put on the best show you can.

The Disney Princess stylish and fashionable hand held microphone is designed with Princess?s in mind.

It?s styled in pink and purple ( Disney Princess?s favourite colours of the season) and it also included 3 fabulous built in Disney Princess tunes and there?s several fun sound and rhythm effects to mix it up a bit.

To use, all you have to do is hit the record button and sing your favourite pop song.

Once finished just hit stop and then play back.

There?s a handy volume control located on the side of the mic so you can select your desired volume.

Its suitable for all would be pop stars over the age of 3 years and requires just 3 x AAA batteries..

Disney Princess Rocks! And so can you..

Características :
Función de reproducción, Elegante y de moda, incluye 3 diffent Disney melodías Priencess, Para mayores de 3 y más, Requirs 3x pilas AA

Dimensiones :
8,5 x 3,0 x 23,0 cm

Peso :
177 gr

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Express : 1 a 4 días laborablesEUR 17,00/envío + EUR 5,00/kg

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